As a fleet manager for a busy and successful company, you are responsible for keeping its vehicles on the road and on schedule. You must be prepared to respond to circumstances that can pose a threat to the safety and timeliness of your drivers and the trucks they drive.

You especially must be ready to get them help during inclement weather or after they have been involved in accidents. You can minimize delays and keep your fleet vehicles secured by using the services of a heavy wrecker towing company.

Winch Out Services

A heavy wrecker towing service can winch out your fleet vehicles that get stuck or slide off the road because of inclement weather. When one of your vehicles hydroplanes into a ditch and gets stuck in deep mud, you must get it freed and back out on the road quickly. You cannot leave the vehicle or the driver stranded.

A heavy wrecker towing company has wreckers that can hook up to bumpers or fenders of your stuck fleet vehicles and pull them free from deep mud or snow. The wrecker dispatched to rescue your vehicle can get the vehicle back on the road so your driver can continue on his or her route and avoid significant delays.

Upright Services

The heavy wrecker towing service can also upright your overturned semis. When one of your semi trucks gets overturned because of icy roads or high winds, you need to get it turned back over and have it towed to a repair shop if necessary. However, a regular wrecker may lack the weight capacity and cable length needed for the job.

A heavy wrecker towing company has wreckers that are built just for this purpose. You can get a wrecker driver dispatched quickly to the location of your overturned semi. The driver can get the semi turned upright and loaded up on the back of his or her wrecker quickly.

Accident Response

Finally, a heavy wrecker towing service can respond to accidents in which your fleet vehicles are involved. The drivers for it can haul away damaged vehicles and return them to your fleet's headquarters. They can also tow your damaged vehicles to the repair shop of your choosing. 

A heavy wrecker towing company can offer the services you need to maintain your fleet's safety and function. It can winch out vehicles that are stuck in mud or snow. It can also overturn semis and respond to accidents in which your fleet vehicles have been involved.