When you head out on the road, you need to be prepared to meet any driving emergency. You cannot risk getting stranded on the shoulder of the highway or in a parking lot, particularly if you plan on taking your small children or elderly relatives with you.

To ensure that you can get help when needed, you need to know what company to call for assistance. You can keep the number of professional auto towing services in your phone to solve any emergency that you meet while driving. 

Getting a Jump Start

When you get off work or exit a store and find that your car is dead, you need to have the battery in it jump started. However, you may not want to ask random strangers in the parking lot to jump start your vehicle. You also may not have any friends or relatives to ask for assistance. 

Instead of waiting for someone to help you, you can call a company that offers auto towing services for stranded drivers like you. The tow company can dispatch a driver who has a jump start kit in his or her wrecker. This driver can get your dead battery started within minutes after arriving to help you.

Winch Outs

The auto towing services that most wrecker companies can offer to drivers include winch outs. A winch out involves having your vehicle pulled out when it gets stuck in snow, ice or mud. The wrecker driver connects the cable from his or her tow truck to your fender or bumper and then pulls your vehicle back up on the road.

Out of all of the auto towing services available to you, a winch out is especially critical when you are driving in inclement weather and hydroplane or slide off the road. You can get fast help getting out of a snow drift or water-filled median. You do not have to spin your wheels or rock your car to get it loose yourself.

Finally, modern auto towing services can involve getting towed from an accident scene. A wrecker service can remove your disabled vehicle after you have been in an accident. You avoid having to leave it for the city to tow and impound for you.

Auto towing services help you meet driving emergencies. You can get a jump start for a dead battery, a winch out or get towed from an accident scene.