When you have a work fleet that has large vehicles, when something happens to one of those vehicles, you need to make sure that you can get your vehicles maintained properly. If one of your vehicles breaks down, that loses you money and makes it harder for you and your employees to get the necessary work done. If something does happen to one of your vehicles, you need to be able to get it to the garage or repair shop where you take your vehicles to get them worked on. You also need to make sure that it can happen safely without any damage happening to the vehicle. To do that, you need to have something like a heavy duty tow truck that can come out to where your vehicle is and tow it away. There are reasons that you need to do this. 

Weight Limits

One reason that you need to have one of these trucks manage your vehicles for you is that if you try and lift a truck or van that is beyond the weight limit or a regular tow truck, you are going to end up with problems. For example, if the tow truck tries to lift your vehicle, it could end up damaging the body of the vehicle, because the tow truck would have to try very hard to try to lift up your vehicle. That jerking motion of the tow truck could cause the damage because that jerking motion will put undue strain on the vehicle. 


The biggest reason to make sure that you have a heavy-duty tow truck come handle all your towing needs is the fact that it is going to make everyone safer. These trucks are designed specifically to handle these heavy loads. That means that they are going to have all the proper equipment to make sure that the heavy vehicles that they are towing are going to stay on the truck, and are going to be properly supported. That will also make sure that the towed vehicles aren't going to move around unsafely while they are being towed, which could hurt the people who are on the road next to those trucks. 

If you have a work fleet made up of heavy-duty trucks and vans, you want to make sure that if something happens to them that the vehicle can be towed safely, which calls for a heavy-duty towing