For many people, a breakdown on the road is a big problem and knowing who to call can be a tough decision. If you do not have the tools to fix the problem, are not sure what the issue is, or the breakdown is severe, your only option may be to call a tow service to help.

Road Side Service

Not every incident on the road requires a tow to a garage, and there are many times when a towing company can help without having to move the car for you. Often something simple like a flat tire keeps you from driving your vehicle, but with a little assistance, you can get the spare tire on the car and drive it home or to a tire repair shop.

Many tow companies offer roadside service and will help with minor repairs and can bring out the tools to change a tire or fix a minor breakdown so that you can drive the car to your regular shop. In some cases, these tow companies work with roadside assistance clubs to provide services for club members, so check with the tow operator if you are a member of a roadside assistance club. 

Major Breakdowns

If the engine or transmission in your car suddenly stops working, you need a tow company to come and tow your vehicle into a repair facility. Most of the time, that means a local shop near where your breakdown occurred, but if you have a shop you prefer to work with, you can request the tow company takes the car to that shop. 

The cost of towing your car to a specific shop may be higher than to take it to a local garage, but if you are willing to pay for it, the tow company will take your car just about anywhere you want them to.

Collisions or Accidents on the Road

If your car has been in an accident or a collision with another vehicle or fixed object, the vehicle may have too much damage to drive it. 

An emergency tow company can help by towing the car to the collision center for you. You can specify the collision center you would like to take the car to, but if you don't have a shop in mind, the tow company will most likely take the car to the nearest shop for you. 

If you are far from home when the collision occurs, working with a shop a long way from your local area is hard, but the cost of towing the car back to your local area may be extremely high and not worth the expense.

Contact an emergency towing service to learn more.