Heavy-duty pickup trucks that have six wheels and a double-wide truck bed are excellent at hauling a lot of materials from place to place. However, when they go sliding off the road into a ditch, it is a nightmare to get these massive trucks back on the road. If this is the first time you have ever owned one of these trucks and you suddenly find yourself in a ditch, here are your options for getting your truck out of the ditch. 

If the Truck Is Facing the Right Way, Gun It

These trucks tend to be all-wheel drive or to have the option to switch them to all-wheel drive. If that is the case, your truck is not sitting on rocks or perched in a dangerous position, and the front of the truck is aimed in the right direction of the road, wait until all the traffic passes and then gun the engine. Step on the gas and keep the wheel turned in the direction you want the truck to go. If the truck budges and acts like it is going to get out of the ditch without too much trouble, keep trying. With the four wheels in the back of the truck, it might take some doing, but keep trying until it just will not budge no matter what you do. If the rear or front wheels get stuck in a lot of snow and mud, stop. If this happens, you are not going to get this monster of a vehicle out of the ditch on your own. 

Call Heavy-Duty Towing Services

No regular tow truck or towing service is going to get your six-wheeled, heavy-duty pickup out of the ditch. These trucks are almost as heavy as, if not heavier than, most tow trucks. You will need a heavy-duty tow truck and towing service for the job.

Make sure you tell the tow truck driver exactly what kind of truck he/she has to pull out of the ditch so that he/she does not show up with a standard tow truck and no power-winch to pull you out. Once the tow truck has pulled your truck free of the ditch, examine your truck completely. There may be some damages or a flattened tire that will prevent you from going anywhere. If that is the case, the right tow truck is there to take your truck to a repair station. 

For more information on heavy-duty towing, contact a towing company.