Technological advances have improved many industries, including the automotive services industry. As long as people are driving vehicles on public roadways, there will be a need for towing services to help drivers stranded by vehicles that have broken down.

Technology is helping tow truck companies better service their customers by effectively reducing the amount of time it takes to complete each service call. There are some specific types of technology that are playing a key role in moving towing services firmly into the twenty-first century.

1. Digital Dispatch Systems

Digital dispatch systems are changing the way that requests for tow services are completed. Instead of calling a traditional dispatch center and waiting on hold to speak to a live representative, you can now send a request for help directly from your vehicle to a towing company with digital dispatch systems.

These systems allow for tow truck drivers to receive incoming calls quickly, and they allow you to enter in identifying information about your vehicle while you are waiting for the tow truck to arrive so that the driver can quickly get your vehicle hooked up and towed to safety once he or she arrives.

2. GPS Trackers

Finding stranded drivers along rural stretches of road isn't easy. If your vehicle breaks down in unfamiliar territory, you might have a hard time giving a towing company directions to your vehicle.

Thanks to GPS tracking devices that are installed in most modern vehicles, a towing company will be able to use technology to track down your whereabouts. GPS tracking reduces the amount of time between a service call and the arrival of a tow truck driver, increasing your safety by allowing you to receive help as quickly as possible.

3. Mobile Apps

Mobile technology has allowed consumers to access information from any location. With an estimated 77% of of Americans owning a smartphone, towing companies are taking advantage of mobile technology by generating apps.

These apps can be downloaded onto your phone and used to streamline communications with a towing service. You can place a service request, log your location, enter vital information, and even track your tow truck driver all from your cell phone using a mobile app.

Technology is changing the face of the modern world, and towing companies are harnessing the power of technological advancements to provide better service for their customers. Being aware of digital dispatch systems, GPS trackers, and mobile apps will help you more effectively contact a towing company for help.