Having your vehicle break down is never fun, but having this happen during a snow storm can be dangerous. Knowing what to do until help arrives can work to keep you safe in this type of roadside emergency. Here are a few things you should know if your car becomes disabled during a snow storm.

Clear Snow Off Of The Car

Your auto towing company needs to be able to find your vehicle to provide roadside assistance. Cleaning your car off while you wait can go a long way toward making your car easier to spot. Remove as much snow as possible without spending too long in the cold. Clear the snow off of your license plate and windows at the very least, and if possible, tie a brightly colored scarf or other item to your trunk or antenna to make it easier for the tow truck driver to find your vehicle. It's a good idea to keep a snow brush with a long handle in the trunk of your car for this purpose.

Stay In Your Vehicle

Unless you are clearing snow off of the car, remain inside as much as possible. Even with the heat off, you will be warmer inside than you will be outside in the wind and cold. If your engine won't turn over but you can crank the ignition, turn the key once every hour to access the vehicle's electricity. This will allow you to run the heat for a few minutes and defrost the windows. Be sure to turn the car off completely after this is done so you can conserve battery life.

Remain Awake And Bundled

During a winter storm, you can be at risk for hypothermia and frostbite, particularly if you aren't able to access your vehicle's heat. To avoid succumbing to the effects of hypothermia, you'll want to stay awake while you wait for the tow truck. Try to bundle up as much as possible, paying special attention to keeping your feet and hands warm. Keep hand warmers, socks, and gloves in your glove compartment for this purpose. If you frequently travel with children in the car, keep extra socks and gloves for them as well. If you have blankets or towels in your trunk, layer them on top of yourself to stay warm.

Be sure to call an auto towing company like Michael's Towing & Recovery right away if your car breaks down during a snow storm, and provide exact details about your location. Conserve your phone battery by putting it into battery saver mode, and keep the ringer volume up so you can hear any calls that the tow truck driver might make when trying to find your vehicle. Of course, it's also important to remain calm and know that help is on its way.